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Connecting culture by connecting people

Scandinavian lifestyle is described as an optimal lifestyle today, and it has gradually become very popular in Japan. People are interested in improving their home environment and go more and more into house wares which can give pleasure to their daily lives. New generations are mentally much more open and receptive new and different cultures today, though they put their own traditions high. They are adept at getting them to coexist for achieving innovations.

Meanwhile, peoples interests on Japanese culture / design has got stronger and wider in Scandinavia. From food, movies, fashion to the living art and subculture ... It is an unlimited universe, where you meet great surprises and infinite possibilities.

via&plus has ambitions to build a bridge between the exciting cultural relations.
Over 20 years of residence in Denmark, I have acted as intermediaries between different cultural groups of people or companies who need assistance in cooperation with their partner. Communication is an essential tool to create a reliable relationship, which leads to successful results, and my mission has always been the same - "Connecting People".

Yukiko Sakuhara

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